Best Convertible Top Cleaners

Best Convertible Top Cleaners

The two things which are harmful to your car’s top are acid rain and UV rays. By using the best convertible top cleaners, you can make your car’s top brand new. Most surprisingly, these cleaners give you a coating on the top of the car or any other vehicle so that it protects you from UV rays. 


These are the convertible top Protectants that also make the roof of the car waterproof. So the surface of the car is sealed, and it also prevents the corrosive chemicals in the water to reach the car’s top. 


It would help if you used convertible top cleaner regularly because, with time, the coating loses its effectiveness. Again after applying these cleaners, it will not only protect your car from the sun but also store its ability to repel water. Additionally, heat will also help in the prevention of mold and mildew formation.

Surfaces on which these convertible top protectants can be used

The good thing about these top cleaners is that they safely remove the dirt or any other kind of stains from any soft top. It is a powerful formula that breaks down the stains and then leaves them away in a few seconds. 


The surfaces on which convertible top protectant and repellent are used are Canvas, textile, vinyl, fabric, and synthetic soft tops.


In this article, we will discuss some of the high quality and durable convertible top cleaners from which you can choose according to your choice. 

How to clean with a convertible top Cleaners?

If the roof of the car is torn or ripped, then it is time to replace it with a professional car detailer. However, you can prevent the top of your car from repairing by using the convertible top cleaners.



  • First of all, wash the top of the car in the shade, not in the direct sunlight.

  • Wash your car’s top in one go otherwise it will leave rings or tops. 

  • Rinse off all the dirt

  • Then apply the convertible top cleaner evenly on the roof and scrub lightly with a soft bristle brush.

  • If the stains are more challenging, then you can spray and allow the area to stand for 15 minutes. 

  • Again scrub gently using the bristle brush.

  • After that, wash the area with water until no remaining foam from cleaners is present.


Our 6 Recommended Best Convertible Top Cleaners


RaggTopp 2141 is the best convertible top protectant and repellent which is 14 oz. Moreover, it is a professional’s choice to protect and maintain fabric, plastic, Windows, as well as soft vinyl tops. 


Most surprisingly, it protects the surfaces from harmful elements as well as rain and dust. Indeed it is a patented polymer formula that gives you a grade protective barrier. If you are using it for cleaning your carpet or fabric, then it is an excellent cleaner. 


Use it and then extend the life of your vehicle or fabric. Besides, if you are using it at your car’s top then ultimately it will give a new look to your car. It is an excellent stain repellent and protects your car from UV protection with UV stabilizers. Also, it prevents the fabric from deteriorating caused by UV rays.




Chemical Guys SPI_192_16 is the blue magic convertible top cleaner that quickly removes dirt and stains. Now your convertible soft tops will become brand new by using this cleaner. It can easily penetrate deep into the surface to lift all the dirt. 


Moreover, it is an advanced formula and can be used safely on vinyl, synthetic convertible soft tops, and fabrics. Now you can easily remove the embedded contaminants such as road tar, tree sap, mud, bugs, bird droppings, dirt, and dust.


So it is the best convertible top cleaner for removing stains from the surface and restoring its original look. Keep in mind that if you regularly clean your car’s soft top with convertible top protectant and repellent, then it extends the life of your vehicle’s soft top. Moreover, this is the best cleaner that works on all colors and all fabric soft tops.




It is a tremendous blue magic convertible top cleaner and protectant which you can also use as a sprayer. So you can easily spray it on your convertible top to clean it as well as increase its lifespan. 


It is an excellent cleaner and protectant, which is favorable for Canvas, soft tonneau covers, vinyl, etc. It is so effective that it breaks off top stains when you are cleaning your convertible top. 


Moreover, it gives an outstanding shine to your car’s top and acts as a protective layer. You can easily use this protectant on boat curtains, truck bed covers, vinyl umbrellas, vinyl interiors, vinyl trim, etc. Also, it is straightforward to apply. All you have to do is to spray and wipe down with a microfiber towel. You have to use a little liquid to wipe off a large surface.




303 Products-30571 is a Tonneau Cover and Convertible Top Cleaner which easily cleans and brightens not only the soft tops but also the hardtops. Along with Tonneau covers, you can also use this convertible top cleaner on other things such as vinyl convertible tops, car bars, fabrics, etc. 


When you clean the surface with the cleaner, then you can use 303 protectants on any vinyl convertible tops. So it will provide added protection from the harmful UV rays. You can protect your fabric tops or covers to protect the material from fading or soiling. 




303 (30520) is a convertible fabric top cleaning and care kit. So this kit comes with a 303 convertible top cleaner and 303 high-tech fibre guard. It is an excellent cleaner that uses the unique colloidal action to lift and suspend the dirt grease or oil. 


There are no harmful chemicals present in these top cleaners, such as toxic organics, nitrates, phosphates, caustics, soap, detergents, etc. This top cleaner is handy and extremely safe, leaving no residue like more cleaners. 


Moreover, it is powerful enough to protect the fabrics in the harshest environment. So this cleaner is safe for different kinds of materials such as silk, wool, fabrics, leathers etc. If we talk about outdoor fabrics, then it is beneficial in restoring lost water.




It is a meguiar’s convertible top cleaner that efficiently cleans the plastic surface, and the fine hairlines scratch from all types of plastics. Most amazingly, it is a non-abrasive formula that is effective and safe for the surfaces as well as for you. 


Moreover, it is an ideal product to use to get clear plastic. Also, it is a fantastic convertible top cleaner that can easily clean the computer screens, soft vinyl tops, motorcycle windscreens, etc. Not only the hairline scratches, it efficiently removes the light clouding, light yellowing, and swirls from non-coated transparent plastic surfaces. 

So the light defects can be easily removed from the surfaces such as polycarbonate and acrylic. It is a great convertible top protectant that efficiently protects the surfaces from UV light. 



Buying guide for purchasing convertible top cleaner

You have to look for certain factors before purchasing the best convertible top cleaners.



The size of the best convertible top cleaner must be enough for covering your entire soft top in one go. Keep in mind that every convertible top cleaner and protectant will give you different coverage levels. So keep in mind the coverage level before purchasing the cleaner. 



You must look for the chemicals present in your cleaners as some are harmful to your car as well as to your health. So it would help if you went for those convertible top waterproofing cleaners with natural ingredients or friendly ingredients. The best option is that the cleaner must not contain any bleach.



Different cleaners and protectors have different levels of effectiveness. The effectiveness of convertible cleaners depends on the quality of ingredients and the general makeup of the product we are using. So it is better that you check with previous buyers what they are using for cleaning the car’s top. 


The material of the convertible top cleaner

The material of the 303 convertible top cleaner matters a lot. However, you can go for canvas convertible tops or vinyl soft tops. Keep in mind that many top cleaners suit a particular material. So it would help if you went for the differences and requirements required for convertible top cleaners.



Usually, all convertible top cleaners are suitable for all colors and soft top types. But there are some cleaners which use dye to give you the best results. You can go for darker options if the cleaners have dyes kept within them. However, it isn’t easy to get the same level of finish for lighter tops.



After opening the convertible top cleaners, you will notice different kinds of fragrances. Please do not have an allergy by smelling the particular fragrance of the top cleaners. However, keep in mind you should purchase that top that does not contain citric acid or bleach in it. There is a chance of damaging your car’s soft top by using the cleaners with these ingredients.


What is the best cleaner for a convertible top?

There are many types of convertible top waterproofing cleaner from which you can choose for your car. However, from my point of view, Renovo Soft Top Canvas Cleaner is the best one. They have a good smell and a heavy-duty convertible top.


What do you use to clean a convertible roof?

First of all, you have to separate your convertible top with a hose or a pressure washer. Keep in mind that if you are using a pressure washer, then hold it about one foot away. The water in pressure will remove 70% of the dirt and dust. 

How do you get stains out of a convertible top?

You can easily remove stains from the vinyl top or canvas by using Wolfstein’s RaggTopp Cleaner in concentrated form. First of all, spray this 303 convertible top cleaner on the stain. 


Keep in mind that you are spraying before washing it with water. Now, please wait for some time and let it soak but do not let it dry. After 3 to 5 minutes of soaking, you can rinse the top of your vehicle and wash as usual.


We all know very well that convertible top cleaners come at a fantastic price. Now cleaning your car’s top can be very easy with the help of 303 convertible tops. These Vinyl convertible top cleaners are affordable and work remarkably well. 


Keep in mind that sometimes the cleaners cannot be used on Vinyl tops, but these cleaners work on different types of fabrics. Most surprisingly, now your soft top looks like the new one with the help of convertible top cleaners near me. Keep in mind that homemade convertible top cleaners are also present from which you can do your work. 

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