Best Car Air Dryer Blower

Best Car Air Dryer Blower

The Top 7 Best Car Dryers for Car Wash available on Amazon.

Using a dry microfiber towel or soft terry cloth to wipe water off your car is not such a good idea. No matter how careful you are, with repeated wiping you will end up with swirl marks and risk getting micro scratches of all sorts on your car.

If you want to keep the paintwork in tip-top condition you will have to come up with a Best Car Dryer and way to blow the water off the car rather than wiping it off.

So if the bright idea of using a yard leaf blower is coming to your mind… Let it go…. It will save you from heartbreak and also from spending a lot of money on getting a new paint job. What you need to do is invest in a good quality car blower.

One of the most important reasons is to protect the clear coat and paint on the body of your car. This is when a car air dryer blower will be quite helpful. Anything more powerful than that might also not be a good idea. After all, you don’t want to sand-blast the clear coat and expensive paint-work underneath.

This article will discuss 7 top quality air dryer blowers for a car which you can choose according to your budget and needs. 


Benefits of a Car Air Dryer

Using a car air dryer will give you many benefits in the long run. Don’t worry if you have never used it before; it’s very easy to operate. It’s been used and recommended by experts.

It is bound to make your car washing task easier. A car dryer emits filtered and heated air at an ideal flow rate. You can adjust the heat and speed settings on most car dryers to make sure you are able to attend to every nook and crevice. All in all, car air blowers/dryers make the job of drying your car very quick and so easy.

They will ensure that your car will safely dry-off in a couple of minutes.

Using a microfiber towel or a piece of terry cloth to wipe your car after a wash is not only very tiring and time-consuming, it will also damage the paint-work on your car.

What if you choose to let your car dry-off naturally? That would be the best idea no? Not really! Allowing your car to dry naturally will leave streaks and water spots on the body.

They would then have to be rubbed and polished off to remove. Best Car Dryer/Blowers use micro-filtered and heated air to push the water from the surface and evaporate the remaining moisture. 

How to use a car dryer blower?

With an air blow dryer designed for vehicles, you can achieve a spot and streak-free dry without touching the body and damaging paintwork.

The first thing you need to know is that these machines demand a lot of electric power. You have to make sure you plug them into the correct socket which can supply sufficient current.

First, plug in your car’s air dryer blower and bring it near your vehicle. If it comes with adjustable settings, you must ensure that you start with the lowest heat and airflow settings. Always keep the nozzle at least 6 inches away from the car surface. Gradually increase air flow or heat. Stop making adjustments when you see that it is doing an efficient job of pushing off the water and drying out moisture.

Now move around the car and also clean the hard-to-reach areas like corners, channels and crevices. When you become an expert at using an air blower/ Car air dryer, you may also begin at air temperatures and air flow rates. 


Metro Vac MB-3CD is the best air blower for car cleaning from the renowned brand. If you want an efficient car air dryer with loads of power, then you are looking at the right product. It is a great device that dries off your car or motorcycle in no time at all.

Indeed, we can call it a professional air dryer that can deliver 58500 feet of dry and warm air per minute. Moreover, it is a lightweight car wash dryer weighing about 25.4 pounds only.

You can take it anywhere and easily move around your car because of the 12 foot heavy-duty power cord. The nozzle of the car vacuum is also made of high quality made up of neoprene. 



  • Made in the USA.

  • Excellent airflow with two motors and two-stage dual fans.

  • Steel construction.

  • Heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle.

  • 1-year warranty.




This is a portable air dryer for cars that is compact as well as light duty. 

DeVilbiss is a renowned brand in compressed air along with the proper dryer. This will increase the efficiency of the system as well as its productivity.

It is essential to look for quality when selecting the car dryer blower. In this case, this is the best car air dryer blower that provides high-quality treatment. Moreover, the air blower will protect your compressed air system and is an excellent choice for light usage.

It is a fantastic car wash dryer with quick-change filter cartridges for easy maintenance. Other parts of the car dryer blower are regulator, gauge, inlet shut off valve, bowl drain, and humidity indicator. 


  • Universal Fit Car Vacuum.

  • Gives you complete temperature control.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.

  • It can be used anywhere for car drying.

  • Powerful motor with high speed.




The B3-CD Air Force Blaster is from the Metro Vacuum brand. You can now dry your vehicle in no time. With this machine you can easily cut your drying time by as much as 75%. Most surprisingly, it will give you great power in high-speed mode.

This blower will efficiently blast water off the surface with filtered warm air. Consequently, it will take just 10 to 15 minutes to dry the whole automobile. You can easily maintain this dryer blower with an easy change foam filter.

It also contains a 9.5 amp twin fan motor, which releases 29,250 feet per minute of airflow.

Moreover, it is a heavy-duty air dryer with a neoprene blower nozzle that increases its durability. 


  • Lightweight dryer blower

  • The length of the flag hose is 10 feet

  • Easily changeable foam filter

  • Quickly dries out the surface with filtered warm air

  • 4 HP motorcycle dryer





Detail King brand is proud to produce Tornador BLACK Interior Cleaning Tool – Z-020. It is a portable air dryer for cars weighing only 4 pounds. It is a fantastic air dryer for a car wash with more power and efficiency.

The reason is that it is constructed with more heavy-duty parts, which ensure efficient output and durability.


You can call it an affordable or cheap air dryer for the car wash because it uses less soap and less pressure. Consequently, it cleans the car quickly, even if it is using less soap and less pressure.


Besides, you can easily control the car air dryer blower because of having a built-in regulator. So you can easily change the working pressure and regulate the capacity of your chemicals. 


  • More powerful and efficient car blower

  • Quickly cleans the surface.

  • Use less soap and less pressure.

  • Lower air consumption and noise emissions

  • Has the ability to use less air




If you are looking for a cleaning Gun tool, you are in the right place because it is the fastest and easiest way to clean the car’s surface. It can easily clean and dry the car in seconds. So we can say that it is a professional tool for many people who use it daily for their work.


If we talk about it working, it works with an air compressor to blast the cleaning solution into small areas. Along with the car’s surface, it can easily clean the car’s plastic, carpet, and upholstery. 


  • Heavy-duty construction with low maintenance

  • Air dryers can easily pass through small apertures.

  • Clean wheels top and body of the car

  • Also, clean the carpet and plastic inside the car.

  • Quickly dries out the car in seconds.




SHELANDY is a smaller and more portable dryer for your car or motorcycle. This is an excellent brand for producing high quality and powerful car vacuums. This is the best air blower for car cleaning, which is handheld.

Moreover, the temperature and speed of the air blower are adjustable according to your needs. If we talk about making this car air dryer, then it’s made up of high-quality steel with a neoprene blower nozzle. Some blowers are unable to reach small places and crevices. 


But this is a great car air dryer blower for removing the dust from hard-to-reach places. It can even blast water from small cracks and crevices. This dryer’s main action is using filtered warm air, which reduces the drying time up to 75%. 



  • Very efficient air dryer and blower

  • Dries out your bike efficiently

  • Fantastic for dusting and detailing

  • For maximum drying power, you can change the speed and temperature.






MATCC is a heavy-duty foam blaster that uses a thicker brass core. This brass core is helpful in durable and leak-free use. The foam becomes dense and thick due to the heavy-duty foam core.

Most amazingly, this is the best air blower for car cleaning with a complete neck design. The wide neck design is beneficial in pouring soap liquid into a bottle quickly with no waste. Also, a wide neck will prevent the neck from cracking.

Many professionals use this portable air dryer for cars as it is easy to use and easy to install. I like the design of this car blower because it has a filter on the tube’s end. So the filter particles present in the water will never cause a scratch of the car paint. Moreover, the product is of high quality and comes with a 1-year warranty. 





  • Has thicker and heavier brass core 

  • Extra-wide neck to prevent neck cracking

  • Multiple-use foam gun

  • Adjustable spray nozzle

  • 100% risk-free 1-year warranty




Can you use an air compressor to dry your car?

Yes, you can use an Air Compressor to dry your car, but according to manufacturers, you must use a car dry blower. Many people use air compressors to dry the water in small areas. But from my point of view, an air dryer is best for a car wash. It will help you in the long run and increase your car’s longevity.

Is air drying bad for your car?

Although a car blower is best for the drying of your car in a brief period, it can harm your car’s paint in some areas. The reason is that there are some compounds of water that are left behind on your car’s body. Although you will not see these types of damage in just one wash after an extended period, you can see some signs of damage to the paint. 

Can you use a leaf blower to dry a car?

Leaf blowers can be used for drying your car, and it is a great alternative. Many people have their leaf blowers already, so there is no need to spend money on car air blowers. Keep in mind that the blower you are using has an air filter to blow out the dust and dirt from your car.

What is the best car dryer?

Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster is a high quality, portable air dryer for cars. It is well known for its power and efficiency. Moreover, it has a short nozzle and is one of the best products you are looking for in air dryers for cars.

Although it is a little pricey, it is worth its money because of its high efficiency and smart and sleek design. It is also incredibly lightweight and comes with variable speed. This blower allows you to choose the best airflow for your needs. 



There are many types of portable air dryers for cars available in the market. Now it’s your choice what you want in your car dryer blower. In this post, I have explained the top 7 best air dryers and blows off 2020.

If you have any doubts about the air dryers mentioned above, you can check out the reviews. You can see their opinions about the particular product. All you have to do is compare the different air dryers for car wash and make a decision.

From our point of view, Metro Vac MB-3CD Air Force Master Blaster is the best option. It comes with great reviews and effectively dries out your vehicle within minutes. Moreover, you can easily dry the hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle.

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